31_Yemen Shitte, July 2009 (Printed to public)

Al Mesbar Nineteenth issue dealt with Yement Islamist (Both Shiaah and Sunna). While now we will tackle the matter of Yemen Shitte (Zaidiah, Ismailiah and Mukarmah). Our study will surpass the role of Yemen Shitte from the rise of the Yemen revolution in the sixteenth of the past century to read its current impacts not only on the political and peace levels, but also through its encolunter, fit and confrontation with the central state as Hothist movement who claim for the Immama in Yemen.
The Yemenist in intellect Mr. Zaid Al Wazir focused on his study on contemporary history of Zaidiah in Yemen and criticized (being from Zaidiah sect) the political and historical visions of Shitte in Yemen.
Dr. Fouad Al Banna studied “ The political Shiaah movements in Yemen ”, where he pursued the shiaah political parties e.g. Al hag party founded on 1990 which presented itself as a defender of the human rights of Zaidiah creed sons presented them as prosecuted minority. Dr. Al Banna also wrote about the people’s force unity party which is lead by Al Wazir and founded on 1962. The people’s force unity party was influenced by the Muslim brothers thoughts and the Algerian intellect Malik bin Nabi. Then he proceeded to explore Al Shabab AL Mumin organization out of which stemmed Al Nothist group.
Te researcher Abdul Fatah ALBatool in his study “Yemen shiaa from foundation to stabilization “focused on the deeply rooted views of Al Zaidiah in Yemen which relate the support of Zaidia to Immama system.
Dr. Fouad Al Budani wrote about the support of Al Zaidiah elites to the Yemen revolution after they opposed the bequeath of Imam Yahia his son ahmed as the coming Imam in Yemen.
Sheikh Mohamed Al Mahdi presented his study on “Al Zaidiah an Alethnai ashriah” (The Twelfth Imams) to deal with the relationship between Yemen Shiaah and Al Zaidiah, though Al Zaidiah are considered as moderate movement, as far as the Sunna is concerned especially with regard to Sahaba.
Dr. Sufian Al Magrami in his study wrote about the roots of Ismaili shiaah in Yemen from the past to present days where he focused on their two historical states which are in the era of Ali bin Al Fadl and the sulihi state.Dr. Sufian assumes that Ismaili shiaah are descending and related to Al Fatimiah state which ruled almost the whole Islamic nation in the fourth high century.
Dr. Anwar Al Khidiri “The Zaidi Salafi Struggle “against the Salafia and Al Wahabia.
The independent study was prepared by Dr. Qadri Hanafi on the relationship between Islam and the West.